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We believe in our mission

Every business, no matter what type or industry, should have a clear reason and intent for what they do. Ours is very simple.

Mission Statement - Detour the presence of contraband.

Since getting this award from the corporate office after one year, we have had the same mission. We've put together the strongest team of handlers and canines in North Texas, and our clients rely on us to seek, find and identify. We also do this while blending into the environment without causing disruptions or fear for those around us.

If we break it down to the basics.

· Detour means to send another direction

· Presence means here in this location

· Contraband means things that are a policy violation for the school campuses, but for us it includes:

o Illegal Drugs

o Drinking Alcohol

o Gun powder-based items

o Medications - both over the counter and prescription

Just today a K9 team alerted on a backpack to find a vape pen. THEN a girl in the same class confessed to having a vape pen in her jacket pocket. This tends to happen when we are on campus. Let us know if we can help you flush out what is on your campus.

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