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Huge Tarrant County Fentanyl Seizure

Over a million fatal doses of pure, uncut Fentanyl seized as a result of our area law enforcement partnerships.

On September 6, Tarrant County Sheriff’s Office Combined Narcotics Enforcement Team (CNET), SWAT, and Fort Worth Police Tactical Medics executed a State search warrant in Tarrant County that seized 2,033 grams of pure Fentanyl, $48,230 in cash, 4 Firearms and 3 Vehicles and led to one arrest. The amount of Fentanyl recovered was the largest ever seized in a single operation in Tarrant County.

In Tarrant County, this year to date:

1) 50% increase in fatal poisoning from fentanyl.

2) TCSO alone has seized enough fentanyl to kill nearly 400,000 people.

3) TCSO seized over 10,000 pills that according to the DEA, 40% are deadly.

4) All of this is smuggled into our county by the cartel.

5) Nationwide, a person dies every 5 minutes from fetenal or 300 hundred a day.

6) On 9/06, 1M doses were seized in Tarrant County. See link below.

7) This year, more fentanyl was seized in Tarrant County than Arizona.

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