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Put me in coach!

It takes a special dog to do this job.

We're always looking for detection candidates that are toy crazy (think obsessed) and super friendly and social in all settings. We will consider dogs that are not great fits as pets due to high energy levels, rescue/shelter dogs that are hard to place in pet homes, hunting dogs that are too much to be nice and calm in the blind or have a hard mouth that destroys fowl. Papers, extensive health testing, and formal training not required, in fact, the LESS training the better!! 

If you would like to see about re-homing or donating a dog to Interquest Detection Canines for an exciting career opportunity – we are interested in hearing from you. Or if you are a breeder of hunting dogs or a trainer with dogs that just don’t make the cut for other types of work – we are interested in talking to you also. We do not hire already trained detection dogs, or “rent” dogs for detection work, all dogs are owned by Interquest and placed with handlers after training is completed. We do not purchase finished detection dogs, green or lightly started only. 


If your dog can answer YES to these basic questions, he might be on his way to becoming a future Detection Canine Training Candidate:

• Between 6 months and 3 years old
• Friendly to people and other dogs
• Natural desire to retrieve and hunt
• Sporting breed (retriever/spaniel) or mixes of such
• Travel well in vehicle
• Comfortable both indoors and out
• 40-80 pounds weight range

Looking good so far? Here are a couple of tests your dog must pass prior to being considered into the training program…Depending on your location, a video similar to this may be helpful to avoid a long distance trip to evaluate in person.



Evaluation Video



Evaluation Video

If your dog passes these basic tests – tell us about it!

There are more evaluations to pass and we don’t always have a trainer close to where you live, but we just might have an exciting career in store for your dog!

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