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A Shelter Dog’s Very Noble Mission

Do you remember Chester?

We all shared him this week on Facebook. Shelter volunteers LOVED him and were amused by his relentless pursuit of the fetch game. When I shared him on Facebook, I wrote “FETCH! FETCH! FETCH! Chester loves to play fetch – and he’s seeking a fetch buddy for life!” Chester is just such a gorgeous dog with a personality that leaps off the photo page. Many people and Facebook pages shared this great dog!

It seems that love of fetch makes Chester an excellent candidate to be a narcotics detective dog! And today, volunteers report that Chester has been accepted into a GAP program (gifted animal placement) and will trained to be a drug sniffing dog!

“Chester is on his way to his new life as a drug sniffing dog with Matt Morris!! Happy tails buddy!”Friends of Weatherford Shelter Pets

“Make us proud…(he isn’t the first from our shelter to be selected…we get a LOT of gifted and smart dogs!)”Parker County Pets Alive

A photo of a pet in an auto leaving the animal shelter is called a “freedom picture.” This is Chester’s freedom ride photo and the expression on his face is priceless! He looks like he is intrigued, excited, and ready for the next adventure in life. Happy new life, Chester!

Thanks to everyone who makes animal rescue stories like Chester’s possible! Seeing the freedom ride photo and knowing that another homeless pet has been rescued is one of the greatest gifts we can receive in animal rescue.

Photos © and courtesy of Parker County Animal Shelter, Friends of Weatherford Shelter Pets, and Parker County Pets Alive

Rusty (originally known as Chester)

This canine was rescued from a kill shelter – scheduled to be terminated the day after we picked him up - (returned 3 times as unsuitable for a pet), was developed into a fantastic contraband dog for Interquest. Rusty was at a car where the Interquest handler was doing an inspection, Rusty uncharacteristically got up several times due to the restlessness of the student moving towards the passenger side of the car. This brought attention to the handler, who then asked for help with student. When the other side of the car was searched, there was a loaded pistol in the passenger door pocket. Our handler believes Rusty saved her life and perhaps many others that day…. and we saved his life.

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